Gagne Greens

specialists in microgreens

Who are we?

A Little about us

Gagne Greens is an organic farm located in the Hamilton area on 26.5 beautiful acres. We specialize in fresh, organic sprouts and microgreens. 

Gagne Greens provides farm to table  microgreens to our local community. We focus on crops with a short growing period which allows us to easily adapt to changing trends and individual needs.

Our produce is grown using sustainable and natural methods and delivered in 100% plant-based compostable packaging.

Gagne Greens has a small apiary to help reverse the decline of the honey bee population. Our crops are grown with the help of pollination from our bees, and the hive bounty enables us to sustainably create unique lip balms and other products.

How we Grow


Our focus is on better produce with a longer shelf life, achieved by growing in greenhouses with supplementary lighting. High powered lighting gives our microgreens thicker stems and less time to maturity. 

We start with organic soil and seeds, and care for each microgreen with specific care. We used balanced water, which floods from underneath to protect the delicate greens.

We harvest day before or day of delivery to ensure the freshest product gets to you. 

Microgreens are extremely nutrient rich and loaded with essential health benefits and are easy to add to any dish for extra flavour.